About Me

One of the reasons I started this website is to give a way for people to find a local woodworker.  I love doing CAD (computer-aided design).  I designed a portable work shop in CAD.  I wanted to make it out of wood.  I had a hard time finding a woodworker.  First, I checked the internet for woodworkers and I found a lot, but not in my local area.  I know if I had it made the portable work shop,it would cost a lot of money to send it in the mail.  I also found a website that showed local woodworkers but the site fee was 10% of the cost of the item.  So I started woodworkerslist.com so local people can put their location for free on my site.  Or if they want they can put their website link, pictures, and video (set up a profile), for a small fee to help me cover the financial cost of my website.  The first goal is that people can find a local woodworker in their area.

I like doing business face to face. That is why woodworkerslist.com will have no shopping cart or stuff you can order on line. I want the woodworkers to talk or see the people.

If you are a person wants a website to show off their stuff they made and want to sell. I want to help out the people that want a website but don’t want to make or have it made, or pay for host of a website and spend time doing the upkeep on their website. Woodworkerslist.com is designed for woodworkers to post their pictures and video without the time spent on having a website.